The English language is a tough cookie sometimes. It can be tough to learn it if you are not regularly practicing it and how to say things properly. The more you dedicate your time to learning the more you will understand that you might need more additional help. If you are wondering what you can do to learn the language faster, we have some tips and unique ways you might want to try out before you have your next class in English.

  1. Write a diary in English

If you are learning to write in English, you might want to start writing down your day. The more you are engaging yourself and your brain to use the words that you have learned the faster your brain will accept them.

Write a diary in EnglishIf you are just going to the class and after you are done you don’t practice you will forget what you learned in the next lesson, and it will take you 200% longer to absorb what you have learned so far. If you want to make it a fun project you must integrate the new words into your daily routine. So, unless you are going to go around saying the words you learned talking out loud to yourself, you might start writing it down in your diary.

After some time, you will have a better writing vocabulary, and you will write words with less grammatical errors. Believe us the more you practice both verbally, and by writing, you will learn the new language faster.

  1. Change your language on your phone and social media

Change your language on your phone and social mediaWhen you start learning a new language, you probably have already lots of things that you use in your tongue. The more things you can change into the language you are learning the faster you will learn that language. For instance, you already know where the login button for your Facebook is and when you light up your phone you know where the dial/call button is, but if you switch the language to the one you are learning, in this instance English, you will learn the word for those buttons in your new language.

This is one of the smart and interactive ways you can force your brain to stay engaged with the new language. Besides if you ever get bored or overwhelmed, you can switch to your old language. However, we believe you can still learn a lot with this method

  1. Give yourself time before you answer

There are tons of questions you will hear when you are learning a new language. Before you go answering all of them as soon as you can, give yourself time to think. This will help your brain to connect the dots with your mother tongue and translate them into the English language.

4. Learn whole sentences not just a word

The moment you start learning English, you will be bombarded with tons of new words. However, if you focus on just the words, they will be useless in a normal fluent conversation. Learn the whole sentence where the new words can be used. This will make it easier for your brain to learn the word because you can imagine the situation in your head as you are forming a sentence.