10 Cool Websites You Can Get a TEFL Certification

10 Cool Websites You Can Get a TEFL Certification

For native English speakers, today is the most amazing time to teach outside the borders of your homeland. The world has reached an age where it wants to communicate – to connect. The path to globalization uses English to be able to reach out to people from across the world. As a native English speaker, you have what it takes to share the language you grew up with, especially if you are willing to teach English in China.

If you aren’t one of the natives of the language, but have that deep love to learn more about it and share the same knowledge to others who would want to learn it in order to connect to people from different parts of the world, then you should probably get yourself a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification.

Luckily, TEFL certification no longer requires you to sit down in the four corners of a physical classroom. There are websites that offers classes and certification online. Go check them out.

  1. BridgeTEFL

BridgeTEFL is like a gateway to other TEFL online certifications. They have created websites that could offer TEFL certification and IDELT (International Diploma in English Language Teaching). They boast of their tenure in the industry of providing 30 years of TEFL and TESOL courses.


This website is developed by Bridge TEFL. This is their division that provides certification enabling you to use it to work abroad. They offer different packages. It ranges from the basic to the master TEFL certificate, and of course, has different sets of requirements. You have your own personal tutor to help you finish your chosen course.


They offer different packages and this is sorted out by how many hours the training is going to last. They range from exactly 20 hours to 120 hours of TEFL training. All of the course provide a personal tutor. However, it is important to take note that unlike the two aforementioned sites, their online TEFL course are only offered to university graduates.

  1. MyTEFL

What is noticeably different with this website is their promise to give back to the community for every new enrollee in their online courses. They also offer programs in Thailand, China, Africa, and Argentina. After fulfilling an approximate 120 hours of TEFL course, you can choose a program where you can apply (basically what we all call as internship program) what you have learned and get paid for it.

  1. The TEFL Academy

If you are from the United Kingdom, you would most likely want to be enrolled in an online school that understands you in terms of where you are currently located, because whether we admit it or not, we all have different needs based on where we are in the world. This website offers a 120-hour TEFL course and this comes along their help in finding a voluntary teaching placement in UK.


This is another UK based TEFL training and certification provider. Unlike the first one, they offer different packages based on the number of hours involved in the training. It ranges from 50 hours to 120 hours of online training (at your own pace).

  1. Teach Away

The curriculum they offer was designed by the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto, the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE). They offer 100 hours up to 150 hours of training. It is self-paced, internationally recognized, and customizable.

  1. CIEE

They offer sort of the same thing as the other websites, but it should be taken note that online the others that have already been mentioned, they provide programs from Thailand, Vietnam, and Spain. If you have been eyeing on of these three countries, you should probably check them out.


The only website whose trainings and programs are developed by employers. They boast of being able to achieve government-regulated qualifications and promising students that their certification is accepted anywhere in the world.

  1.  Text and Talk Academy

Very specific in their program to Thailand, this website also offers training and certification. It highlights mainly getting a teaching job in Thailand. It is good knowing that there is a certain goal and the academy is dedicated to making sure you get a certification and be fit to become a TEFL teacher in Thailand.

Teaching abroad is an exciting journey. It is even made better if you bring with you a certification that you are more than capable of teaching the English language. TEFL training takes time, but don’t fret. It is self paced. At the end of the course, you will take an examination just like any other courses in the world. With a determination like yours, you are sure to pass. Good luck and enjoy teaching!


How To Learn English With Online Courses And By Using Digital Books

How To Learn English With Online Courses And By Using Digital Books

People today can find learning materials everywhere. The biggest question is which one is the most effective and which one is perfect for your style of learning. While we have grown used to using books with paper and teaching classes in the school is that really the best method to learn a new language with the technology we have today?

We are not saying that the books and classrooms are bad, but today when the technology has reached a level where it is present in our lives all the time we think that the online courses can go a long way to teaching somebody a new language. Additionally, if you need further aid, the digital books are the best resource you can use.

What are digital books

The digital books are also known as E-books are all books that are transferred to a certain touch screen platform like an IPad. When you use those kinds of books, you don’t need to possess a physical copy of thousands of books, but you can carry them all in a pdf format in that little IPad.

How can they be good for learning?

How you can learn English with online courseThe e-books themselves won’t do much, but having thousands of books at your fingertips is a powerful tool. Think about the space you can save and the fast search you can perform on those e-books. If you are looking for a particular sentence in the whole book, you can just quickly search it instead of going through all the books on your shelf.

How you can learn English with online course

The English language is a complex one, but best learned when it is an interactive lesson. The more you are stuck reading things from a big screen and without doing anything interactive the slower you will learn. Here is where online course learning comes to shine. While at school and classical classes you are just one out of a group of people that is trying to learn and the teacher has to go at the right pace, while in the online courses you get a private tutor that takes the speed how you would like him to take it.

Combining the online courses with the e-books is a fast and easy way to learn the English language, and we highly recommend giving it a try.



Why it’s Important For Kids And Teens To Learn English

Why it’s Important For Kids And Teens To Learn English

If we went back a hundred or two hundred years ago, having knowledge in another language was not such an important thing. Usually, if you were born in an English-speaking country, you would never leave that place, and for that reason, you would not have the need to learn a new language. Today we have a different trend in the world. The more languages you know, the better.

Understanding another language can even provide you with benefits that will sustain you in your life. So, understanding that knowing another language can be beneficial it’s also important to know when is the best time to learn that new language.

You have timeSome people would think that learning a language would be best when you are older and when you understood the world a bit better. That would be a mistake! The brains of your people evolve and accept new things faster than the mind of the older demographic.

So, what exactly are the reasons you should learn English when you are a kid or teen:

  1. You have time

When you are a child, you have no responsibilities that cut your free time down to 0. So, if you have a kid or a teen it’s a smart move to send them to learn a new language as they will learn faster and accept it sooner than they would when they grow up. Additionally, they will be able to use it when they grow up instead of having to spend the time to learn it then.

  1. The young mind learns faster

It’s a proven fact that young people can learn new things faster than when they get old. The young mind can, in fact, learn things five times quicker and still have no problems while it learns. The smart thing would be to start teaching your child the younger they are. If you speak in two different languages to your baby, it will take them longer to master the languages, but they will grow up learning to speak both.

  1. It helps them improve their other skills

It helps them improve their other skillsSometimes kids are good at technology; sometimes they want to write or draw. If they know another language like the English language, they are not bound to literature or works of art by their home tongue. If they already know another language, they can then also draw inspiration from the creators that write in that other language. It’s always important to have more than one way to inform yourself or to learn.

  1. It helps them build confidence

While the kids are in school, they will probably learn the English language by the time they are in high school as it will be their second taught language in the school. However, if they learn the language before they start high school, it will give them a much-needed boost in confidence in high school. Every little helps when you are a teenager and knowing one language that their classmates will just start a good bit of aid.



And Now You Know The Best Tricks On How To Learn Faster

And Now You Know The Best Tricks On How To Learn Faster

The biggest problem that people have when they try to learn something new is that it’s time-consuming. People today don’t have a big attention span and usually, have very limited time for things that don’t generate money or are essential. Hobbies also get more time than learning something that won’t give them a direct benefit right away.

So, when you want to learn English faster, you are looking for ways to take shortcuts. Luckily for you, there are many shortcuts when you want to learn a new language, and we will list the best ones for you.

  1. Get help online

If you are trying to learn a language than you are probably signed down to a class downtown or at a private home. While this is the classical style of learning, it does have its flaws. For instance, if your day changed and you need to adjust the time you want to have the class you have to coordinate with your teacher, and if you can’t make it tough luck.

If you are going to have a class online that won’t be a problem. While you are learning online there can be tons of teachers that can teach you what you want, and if you are not available for that particular time or your teacher, somebody else will be. Getting help online is the ultimate teaching flexibility method when you decide to learn a new language.

  1. Watch shows in English without the subtitles

This is a little gem that most non-English speakers will tell you helped them when they were learning English.

If you have some show that you like to watch or English music artist that you love then start watching those shows without the subtitles and listen to that artist every time you get a chance. The more you watch, the more your brain will learn to wire up the words to actions. The simple words will attach fast like “help, stop, I love you” and like you learned those words the tougher words would also be easier to pronounce for your brain if it’s used to hearing them.

  1. Read a lot

Read a lotThe more you are learning, the better you will get at the language. However, if you want to speed up your process, you should start reading books. In the beginning, you will have trouble with lots of words, but the more you read, the more your brain will learn to deal with them.

Additionally, once you come in contact with a word you don’t understand you can google it and learn the meaning. That will help you associate the new word to the situation and the more it appears in the book, the faster you will get accustomed to the new word.

  1. Talk more

Once you learn English to a certain level, you must practice it, or you will not grow confident enough to use it correctly. The more you practice it, the better your will become at it.



5 Tips On How To Improve Your Learning Of The English Language

5 Tips On How To Improve Your Learning Of The English Language

There are tons of ways you can learn the English language. The best ones are usually the easiest ways, and you would be surprised at all the interactive ways people have learned the English language. Since we love teaching people English, we are hoping you will find some helpful tips in our list.

  1. Slow down when you speak

 Start reading English books and subtitlesThe issue most people have when they learn a new language is that they want to say the whole sentence as fast as possible and then their brain freezes. Slow down! Take your time, think about the word you want to say, try to remember it or picture it in a sentence and your brain will learn to connect it faster. The more you practice slow talk, the sooner you will speak in no time flat.

  1. Start reading English books and subtitles

If you are learning English, it’s smart to start reading things that you are passionate about in that language. If you like crime drama read a book about a detective, if you don’t like reading or don’t have that much time, watch your show, but don’t put your mother tongue subtitles, put on the English ones. The more you force your brain to read in English the easier it will be for him to pronounce all the English words and will learn to connect it to an appropriate situation.

  1. Start labeling things in your home

If you are learning English and you are having troubles with some basic words, you can maybe start marking stuff around your home, so how you would read a bed a couch or the windows in English can really get your brain going when it comes to focusing on the names of those things in English. If you are having trouble with words that are not in your home, then put a sticker on your fridge. If you can have a sticker on your fridge for every word you are having trouble with you will learn to say and write those words 100% faster if you stick them to the refrigerator.

  1. Start speaking English with your friends

If you are learning English and you have friends that know to speak English ask them to speak English with you. This will help your brain to connect words and to think of sentences faster. The more you talk with the people around you, the more comfortable you will be when you actually have to speak with a native English speaker.

  1. Listen to British and English music

Music is just words for your soul, but if those words can be in the English language you can benefit from it! Put on some music that you enjoy and make sure it’s either in American or English so you can sing along and learn to pronounce words that are in those songs. This will help you learn many new words and speak them fluently.






4 Ways To Learn English Faster

4 Ways To Learn English Faster

The English language is a tough cookie sometimes. It can be tough to learn it if you are not regularly practicing it and how to say things properly. The more you dedicate your time to learning the more you will understand that you might need more additional help. If you are wondering what you can do to learn the language faster, we have some tips and unique ways you might want to try out before you have your next class in English.

  1. Write a diary in English

If you are learning to write in English, you might want to start writing down your day. The more you are engaging yourself and your brain to use the words that you have learned the faster your brain will accept them.

Write a diary in EnglishIf you are just going to the class and after you are done you don’t practice you will forget what you learned in the next lesson, and it will take you 200% longer to absorb what you have learned so far. If you want to make it a fun project you must integrate the new words into your daily routine. So, unless you are going to go around saying the words you learned talking out loud to yourself, you might start writing it down in your diary.

After some time, you will have a better writing vocabulary, and you will write words with less grammatical errors. Believe us the more you practice both verbally, and by writing, you will learn the new language faster.

  1. Change your language on your phone and social media

Change your language on your phone and social mediaWhen you start learning a new language, you probably have already lots of things that you use in your tongue. The more things you can change into the language you are learning the faster you will learn that language. For instance, you already know where the login button for your Facebook is and when you light up your phone you know where the dial/call button is, but if you switch the language to the one you are learning, in this instance English, you will learn the word for those buttons in your new language.

This is one of the smart and interactive ways you can force your brain to stay engaged with the new language. Besides if you ever get bored or overwhelmed, you can switch to your old language. However, we believe you can still learn a lot with this method

  1. Give yourself time before you answer

There are tons of questions you will hear when you are learning a new language. Before you go answering all of them as soon as you can, give yourself time to think. This will help your brain to connect the dots with your mother tongue and translate them into the English language.

4. Learn whole sentences not just a word

The moment you start learning English, you will be bombarded with tons of new words. However, if you focus on just the words, they will be useless in a normal fluent conversation. Learn the whole sentence where the new words can be used. This will make it easier for your brain to learn the word because you can imagine the situation in your head as you are forming a sentence.





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