Author: Daniel Bradley

10 Cool Websites You Can Get a TEFL Certification

For native English speakers, today is the most amazing time to teach outside the borders of your homeland. The world has reached an age where it wants to communicate – to connect. The path to globalization uses English to be able to reach out to people from across the world. As a native English speaker, you have what it takes to share the language you grew up with, especially if you are willing to teach English in China. If you aren’t one of the natives of the language, but have that deep love to learn more about it and...

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How To Learn English With Online Courses And By Using Digital Books

People today can find learning materials everywhere. The biggest question is which one is the most effective and which one is perfect for your style of learning. While we have grown used to using books with paper and teaching classes in the school is that really the best method to learn a new language with the technology we have today? We are not saying that the books and classrooms are bad, but today when the technology has reached a level where it is present in our lives all the time we think that the online courses can go a...

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Why it’s Important For Kids And Teens To Learn English

If we went back a hundred or two hundred years ago, having knowledge in another language was not such an important thing. Usually, if you were born in an English-speaking country, you would never leave that place, and for that reason, you would not have the need to learn a new language. Today we have a different trend in the world. The more languages you know, the better. Understanding another language can even provide you with benefits that will sustain you in your life. So, understanding that knowing another language can be beneficial it’s also important to know when...

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And Now You Know The Best Tricks On How To Learn Faster

The biggest problem that people have when they try to learn something new is that it’s time-consuming. People today don’t have a big attention span and usually, have very limited time for things that don’t generate money or are essential. Hobbies also get more time than learning something that won’t give them a direct benefit right away. So, when you want to learn English faster, you are looking for ways to take shortcuts. Luckily for you, there are many shortcuts when you want to learn a new language, and we will list the best ones for you. Get help...

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5 Tips On How To Improve Your Learning Of The English Language

There are tons of ways you can learn the English language. The best ones are usually the easiest ways, and you would be surprised at all the interactive ways people have learned the English language. Since we love teaching people English, we are hoping you will find some helpful tips in our list. Slow down when you speak The issue most people have when they learn a new language is that they want to say the whole sentence as fast as possible and then their brain freezes. Slow down! Take your time, think about the word you want to...

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How To Teach Children English